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Until The Light Goes Out

Jim Robinson

I go to see him several times a day
He never seems to know how long I’ve been away
But the nurses say he calls my name late at night
Sometimes we talk as if there’s nothing wrong
Then suddenly he’ll look away and I’m alone
But by his side is where I belong even now

Deep inside a fire’s still burning
Still I see his spirit glow
How long before you take him Lord only you can know
So, I will hold his hand ‘til evening
And as the sun goes slowly down
I will lay my soul beside the coals until the light goes out

He never used to like the music loud
But I can turn the stereo way up now
Still it’s hard to fill this silent house
Since he’s gone
Lord, it’s hard to see through all these tears
He’s so far away and yet he’s so near
But until you make the meaning clear
I’ll be strong

(Repeat Chorus)

Until the light goes out

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