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That's The Faith Talkin'

Jessica King / Rebecca Peck

When you hear me praisin’ the Lord and everything
is goin’ wrong
You may be wonderin’ how I can still have a song
But it’s not my voice you’re hearing for I have my
struggles too
I’m learning to just be quiet and let the power of
faith come through

That’s not me that’s the faith talkin’
And faith believes God’s gonna see me through
With a song in my heart I’m gonna keep walkin’
And let the faith do the talkin’ cause I know it’s tellin’
the truth

When I’m begining to doubt the Lord is in control
I get down on my knees to find strength for my soul
And faith helps me remember God always keeps his word
And it’s only when I am silent that the faith can fully
be heard

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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